02/10/20 By SeaFirst Insurance

With bouts of cold weather and dreary conditions, flu activity typically peaks in February. As an adult, sick days don’t have the same joy as they did in childhood. For both employer and employee

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10/02/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
Travel Insurance: What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

Everyone needs an occasional vacation. The time away from the stress of daily life can make a big difference in your overall mental health. But when you’re away from home, medical

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09/19/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
What Does Trip Cancellation Insurance Cover?

Planning a big vacation can be risky. By making reservations far in advance, you’ll get the best deals, but you’re never sure what will happen between now and the date you’re supposed to

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08/17/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
How to Choose the Right Homeowner’s Insurance Deductible

Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Even if you’re still paying a mortgage, you need to protect every dime you’ve put into it. You can do that through homeowner’s

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07/31/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
How to Stay Safe Boating This Summer

As the temperature outside heats up, the best place to be is the water. Whether you’re taking a fishing trip with friends or spending a long holiday weekend relaxing with your family,

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07/10/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
Motorhome Insurance: What You Need to Know Before You Hit the Road


For more than a century, recreational vehicles (RVs) have been part of Canada’s travel industry. But just as campers themselves have evolved, so have the roadways, leading to

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05/07/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
Liability Insurance: What Your Home Insurance Policy Covers

We’re used to thinking about our home and contents when it comes to home insurance, but did you know your policy covers liability as well?

Providing up to $2 million coverage (or $5 million

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04/12/18 By SeaFirst Insurance
How to Tell When Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

A solid roof protects your home from the elements, so it’s no surprise that your roof might look a little worse for wear.  But how do you know when your shingles have crossed the line from

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03/07/18 By SeaFirst
Property Tax Deductions Available for Canadian Homeowners

Tax season is here. Unfortunately, every year many homeowners in British Columbia submit their returns, completely unaware of additional property tax deductions they may qualify for. 

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SeaFirst and Garrett have been wonderful to deal with, quick to respond to our needs and questions. Even better is that they saved us a ton of money on our insurance with their adventure tourism specific policy. 

- Breanne and Rick, Spirit of the West Adventures Ltd.

The service received from SeaFirst, the adjusters, the insurers and the restoration people was great. I highly recommend everybody who was involved. Thanks for the help in a horrible situation.

- Nighean Anderson
 Intelligent Traffic Equipment

 I was satisfied and pleased with the prompt attention with which our claim was handled. Each person I spoke to during this process was very helpful.

- Sue, Intelligent Traffic Equipment