Get Your Home Ready for Summer: June Repair Guide

Get Your Home Ready for Summer: June Repair Guide

June is here! Here is a short home repair checklist to help you avoid expensive repairs later and keep your home safe and efficient.

Tighten Loose Screws and Nails on Porches and Fences

Wood expands and contracts with changing temperatures and weather. Boards will loosen and warp if not maintained. To ensure your porch or fence lasts, tighten screws and hammer protruding nails carefully to make sure you don’t cause the wood to crack by over tightening.

Test and Adjust Gates 

The bottom boards can break and gates can sag as they get older. Boards may need to be replaced and sagging can be fixed by adding diagonal cross bars of woven metal or wood to straighten. Gates can also sag if they do not have enough hinges. To save money, many fences are built with 2′ x 3’s instead of 2′ x 4’s and 2 or 3 hinges are used instead of 4. If a sagging gate has less than 4 hinges, adding hinges will prevent further sagging.

Clean and Seal Fence and Porch Area 

Do this once each year to extend fence and porch life. Make sure that once you use one kind of product for this that you continue to only use the same type of product every year in the future to prevent any incompatibility problems.

Fill Up All Sinks and Check Drains for Leaks 

Visually check for leaks and check drain speed by filling up sinks and watching how fast they drain. If you’ve noticed water build up in the sink, while using it, it’s at least partially clogged. Use a natural product like Bio-Clean to unclog your drain pipes.

Change Furnace Air Filters 

Filter out allergens and keep your furnace running efficiently by changing your air filters. We recommend microbial type filter. Change monthly or as recommended by manufacturer.

Test All Smoke or CO Detectors

Push the button on the unit to check it – a few minutes doing this each month could save your family’s life in a fire.


By following this simple home repair checklist, you can ensure that your home remains safe, efficient, and well-maintained throughout the summer months. Regularly tightening loose screws and nails, adjusting gates, cleaning and sealing fences and porches, checking drains, changing furnace air filters, and testing smoke and CO detectors are small tasks that can prevent costly repairs down the road. Take a little time this June to address these essential maintenance tasks, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is in great shape. Happy summer!