Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Whether you are visiting family or taking time for yourself, it’s easy to forget to prepare your home for an extended absence. We have created a checklist of our best tips to safeguard your home against unwelcome surprises. 



  1. Delay automatic deliveries.

In a world where everything from baby formula to next week’s lunch are a click away, consider delaying your delivery until you have returned. A doorstep full of packages signals that no one is home. The same goes for a mailbox overflowing with letters!

  1. Have a friend or family member check up on your home. 

Having an occasional presence at your home can be enough to detour trouble, not to mention they are likely to notice small incidents before they become major disasters.

  1. Do a thorough walk through.

It may seem obvious, but unplugging electronics, checking locks, faucets, and your home’s exterior are great ways to prepare your home before you leave town. It is easy to forget to lock the garage door, and even easier leave the garage door opener on your car’s vanity mirror in plain sight.

  1. Home security system

Installing exterior cameras and alarms allow you to check up on your home while away, not to mention they are a major deterrent for unsavory visitors.

  1. Wireless water sensors 

Wireless water sensors can save you from a burst pipe or a flooded basement. They are an inexpensive way to add a serious layer of protection to your home. 

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