ICBC Enhanced Care Coverage

ICBC Enhanced Care Coverage

Enhanced Care Coverage is coming to BC May 1st, 2021.


Enhanced Care is a new way of doing auto insurance in British Columbia. One that lowers the cost of insurance in BC, but more importantly provides British Columbians with access to significantly better care and recovery benefits if they are injured in a crash.


Under this new insurance, if you are hurt in a crash, you can have the peace of mind that you will get the care and recovery benefits you need, regardless of fault. Along with increased benefits, ICBC has introduced a new basic coverage for your vehicle damage when you are not responsible for a crash. To learn more about these benefits and what this means for your vehicle insurance, visit ICBC Enhanced Care  

Enhanced Care

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By removing most of the legal costs associated with our current system, these changes will make auto insurance in BC more affordable. Customers with full ICBC coverage will save on average 20% on their annual premiums. To calculate your refund, visit ICBC Savings & Refunds

Lower basic and optional rates

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“What do you have to do to transition to Enhanced Care on May 1st?

                Nothing! All ICBC policies will automatically be transitioned to Enhanced Care on May 1st. You do not need to make any changes in order to be eligible for these new benefits. For any questions or concerns, please contact your local Seafirst Insurance broker and we would be happy to help.



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