Meet Your Broker – Garrett Hartley

Meet Your Broker – Garrett Hartley

Tell us a little about what you do, including your department and position.

I’m a Senior Commercial Account Manager, which means I act as a Broker for all line of commercial insurance offered by SeaFirst.

How did you get into the insurance industry and what brought you to SeaFirst? Give us some of your history on your path to insurance.

After years of travelling outside of Canada, I decided it was time to get a real adult job I looked into careers in real estate, property management and insurance. After working for Coast Capital for a year as a personal lines broker, SeaFirst approached me and I have been with them for almost 10 years.

 What do you like best about your position? What brings you the highest level of satisfaction?

I like that there is variety built into the job. There is always something new to learn with a wide range of commercial clients and businesses. Having clients genuinely appreciate when you help them out has always been the best reward.

What are the top three questions you are asked by clients and your answers to those questions?

Do I need all of these coverages? – We try to provide the most comprehensive insurance package at competitive prices. We would prefer our clients have all coverages that they realistically could need and hopefully do not ever have to use.  Rather than excluding coverage, that you later wish you had in the event of a claim.

Why do my premiums keep going up? – With the current insurance markets, over the past 12-24 months rates have steadily been on the rise. This is due to the hard insurance market. A hard market is when there are less competitors, resulting in fewer options for brokers to place with.  However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, we are starting to see rates level off. Thus, going forward we are expecting these rate increases to be more modest.

Do I need an appraisal? – YES, with the cost of construction materials on rise, many commercial building and strata complexes are likely under insured, if these values have not been adjusted for inflation. An appraisal is always the safest way to ensure your building is adequately insured.


In your opinion, what is one thing everyone should know/do when shopping for insurance?

The cheapest policy is not always the best option. Not all policies are the same; ensure you understand the coverages and limits you are purchasing; what activities/operations are you covered for? Some policies have exclusions that clients are not aware of. Ask questions if you are not sure.

What is your area of expertise?

Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance including Strata, Commercial Buildings, Adventure Liability, Contractors, etc.

What do you enjoy most about this type of insurance?

Ability to learn something new every day.

 Your hobbies and/or interests? 

Sports, Travelling, Concerts, Food, Adventure Activities.