Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in BC & Canada – 2014

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in BC & Canada – 2014

Car theft impacts insurance premiums. Vehicles that are more popular among thieves are more expensive to insure than those that aren’t so hot on the market. There are a number of factors that determine the cost of premiums when people buy insurance for their vehicles. One of those factors is the make of the vehicle, and one of the influences that weighs the price of insuring any specific make is how likely it is to get stolen!

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in BC, 2014

  1. Ford F-250 SD 4WD PU 2007
  2. Ford F-350 SD 4WD PU 2007
  3. Ford F350 SD 4WD PU 2006
  4. Ford F250 SD 4WD PU 2005
  5. Ford F250 SD 2WD PU 2000
  6. Ford F250 SD 4WD PU 2006
  7. Dodge/Plymouth NEON 2DR 1998
  8. Ford F350 SD 4WD PU 2005
  9. Dodge Stratus 4DR 1997
  10. Ford F250 SD 4WD PU 2004

As you can see by comparing the Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in BC versus Canada, the Ford F-series is the resounding favourite vehicle of thieves in 2014.

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada, 2014

  1. Ford F-350 SD 4WD PU 2007
  2. Ford F-350 SD 4WD PU 2006
  3. Ford F-250 SD 4WD PU 2007
  4. Cadillac Escalade 4DR 4WD SUV 2003
  5. Ford F-350 SD 4WD PU 2005
  6. Honda Civic 2DR COUPE 2D 1999
  7. Ford F-350 SD 4WD PU 2004
  8. Ford F-250 SD 4WD PU 2006
  9. Honda Civic SiR 2DR 2D 2000
  10. Ford F-350 SD 4WD PU 2003

* Stats Provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The Ford F-series is the top selling vehicle across Canada. There is a large demand for them in British Columbia, and across the country. They are a hot ticket item for theives, because people want to buy them. Unfortunately their popularity on the black market means that premiums are higher for the honest folks who purchase these vehicles.

Car Theft is Big Business for Organized Crime

Rick Dubin, Vice-President, Investigative Services, IBC. believes that “the majority of stolen F-series vehicles were most likely re-vinned (given a false vehicle identification number (VIN)) and sold to unsuspecting consumers” and that luxury vehicles are often stolen in Canada and shipped to locations as far away as West Africa.

How to Prevent Auto Theft

We’ve written before about how to prevent car theft, but here is a quick list:

  • Use an anti-theft device, or better yet, use two or more if your vehicle is at higher risk for theft
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Never leave your car running unattended, or the keys in the ignition
  • Park as close as you can to your house, in the garage or in your driveway. Parking on streets is inherently more risky
  • Never leave your keys hidden in or on your vehicle. Thieves know all those hiding spots!
  • Use your emergency brake when you park and turn the wheels towards the curb to make your vehicle more difficult to tow (Thieves often use tow trucks!)

It goes without saying that an important theft-protection measure is to ensure that your vehicle insurance coverage is kept current and up-to-date. While this blog post features the most commonly stolen vehicles across Canada and within BC, we all know that any vehicle is a potential candidate for thieves. Do what you can do to prevent car theft and ensure that you maintain adequate insurance coverage. Reducing the success of car thieves benefits us all, by reducing vehicle insurance premiums.