Upcoming Changes to ICBC Rates

Upcoming Changes to ICBC Rates

At SeaFirst Insurance we are committed to keeping you informed about the upcoming changes to ICBC.

Did you know that there are changes in how the rates are being calculated? ICBC has introduced a helpful tool on how these changes can affect you, which you can find here: https://change.icbcbusiness.com/

At any point you want more information or clarification on the changes, please don’t hesitate to visit us and we will provide you with the most up to date information.


Please note, any figures in this tool are for educational use only and are intended to illustrate how the cost of your Basic premium can change according to different factors. This tool does not take into account the optional coverages you may purchase from ICBC. Your premiums can only be determined when you see your Autoplan broker to renew or purchase insurance.