Why Do Landscapers Need Liability Insurance?

Why Do Landscapers Need Liability Insurance?

It’s Just Landscaping – What Could Go Wrong?

Landscaping is an appealing area of business for those who love the outdoors and have an entrepreneurial spirit. There is plenty of work to go around; a landscaping company can grow from a one-person business to an outfit of half a dozen employees in little time once a good reputation is generated.

There are numerous steps to take to properly establish your landscaping business. As you establish your business, the subject of insurance will come up. You’ll notice that some of your competitors advertise that they have it, or you may have prospective clients ask you if your business is insured.

This may lead you to wonder – Why should landscapers get insurance coverage?

Because unexpected things can go wrong in a landscaping business. Here are some examples:

  • A client sues you creating legal fees
  • One of your employees damages a sprinkler system
  • An irrigation system you’ve installed leaks and floods a basement
  • A rock from a weed whacker flies up and breaks a window
  • A client trips into a hole or over a piece of equipment and is unable to work for a period of time due to injuries

Benefits of Insuring Your Landscaping Business

Your advertisements and promotions will make a statement of professionalism when you promote that your business is insured. Hiring a fully insured business makes clients feel more secure. Some clients may ask you if you’re insured, and some clients will only hire an insured landscaping business. Potential clients are often advised by experts to ensure that the landscapers they hire have liabiity insurance, such as in this post in the Vancouver Sun where people are advised to “Ask your landscaper for proof of liability insurance”. They explain that “Insurance is very important for a landscaper to have. The insurance covers them should damage occur to your property.“ By being adequately covered in case of unforeseen but realistic problems you can also feel more secure, knowing that you are a prepared professional.

Be Prepared, Be Covered, Be Professional

There are plenty of things that can go wrong while operating a landscaping business. By acquiring adequate liability coverage, your business and your clients can share a more confident and professional relationship. Your landscaping business may acquire clients that it otherwise would not without insurance coverage. Most importantly, if anything goes wrong, which it can, it can all be handled with minimal stress on everyone and without potentially fatal financial consequences for your business.

If you’re interested in learning about getting your landscaping business (big or small) properly insured, feel free to contact us.