Wood stoves and Fireplaces

Wood stoves and Fireplaces

It’s a cool fall day, you have a warm cup of tea in hand and the fire is going. As you’re cozying up to the warmth, have you considered the last time you removed the ashes? Or cleared the chimney?

Christine Etele, Personal Lines Operations Manager, has provided some simple ways to practice fireplace and wood stove safety at home.

Fireplace & wood stove safety at home

  • A major factor is ensuring the ashes are cleaned out of the fireplace and/or woodstove regularly.
  •  The chimney should also be cleaned out each year prior to burning/heating season.
  • For open fireplaces it’s recommended that people use a metal fireplace screen when burning to prevent sparks flying out onto flooring areas.
  • Ensure that all fire alarms are tested and batteries replaced if needed.  Carbon Monoxide detectors in the home are also highly recommended
  • Use proper fuel – Hardwoods such as maple, beech, ash, hickory or oak are the best fuel for wood burning stoves.
  •  Ensure the wood supply is stored at least 6 feet away from the stove or fireplace.
  •  If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace ensure you have a fire extinguisher in the home

Regular maintenance can help prevent costly accidents. For information call a Seafirst Broker at 1-877-655-1141 or email info@seafirstinsurance.com.